Orion // NEW // Se7en

Seven, the new wall standing refrigerated showcase

Design, Accessibility, Modularity, Display, Storage, Customization and Technology.
These are the seven characteristics of Se7en, the new upright refrigerated unit of the Orion family.

Se7en is not only confectionery and bakery products, but also dairy products, fruit and vegetables, meat and beverages. This upright is designed and built to meet the display needs of the entire food world.

Discover how Se7en adapts to different environments.

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Nine+, perfection in 90 cm

Nine Plus is designed to enhance your displays and help you in your work by eliminating the unnecessary.

The design enhances the best Orion technology, the compact size and front glass access simplify everyday operations. All that’s left is for you to delight and surprise your customers.

Discover all the features of NinePlus, customize it as you like and bring it into your venue for a completely new display experience.

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Blue, the first vertical showcase that can be channelled

Blue: a single display case, infinite possibilities.

Blue takes vertical refrigeration to a new level to allow professionals maximum freedom of expression.

Explore the infinite possibilities of positioning and create new, great, spaces!

Aesthetics and functionality

Not just aesthetics. Orion products are also designed to be practical and help operators in everyday operations.

Enhance your products in a different way every day with versatile and practical solutions.


elementi d'arredoall'anno

The Maestro in 5 creations

Once again on the sweetest roof in Italy. For the ninth consecutive year, Gambero Rosso proclaimed Iginio Massari as the best pastry chef in Italy. Laura Mantovano, editorial director of Gambero Rosso, highlighted how only 23 places in all of Italy can
obtain the prestigious “Tre Torte” but only the pastry shop founded by Maestro Massari was able to obtain the highest step on the podium.
In fact, the authoritative guide awarded the Maestro 95 points out of a maximum of 100.