Complicating is easy,simplifying it is difficult

Jobs Display Cabinet is our last creation, our way to see things from another point of view.

Thanks to Jobs, your premise can change according to the moment of the day, from breakfast to dinner.
The cabinet is not an obstacle. The only limit is creativity.

You can choose your composition:
– Freestanding single cabinet (SEP), at the distance you wish, as if gesturing to offering your guests the tray.
– Mutiplexed composition (CAN), where more cabinets can be multiplexed as to form an endless unique structure.
– Matched cabinets (ACS), where the cabinets are matched on the basement while being separated through the glasses to emphasize the various displayed products.

Iginio Massari too has chosen Jobs for his premise.

There is only one measure to consider:
16 cm, the height of the aesthetic frame holding the Jobs’ technology.
Here you are on the work top.
Then, you can place the showcase in any height you will want to work and exhibit.

Innovations that lead to the perfomance
The Master pastry chef Iginio Massari chose Jobs’s elegance to expose the wonderful creations of his pastry art.
Indeed, the new Orion showcase represents a revolutionary concept that enables professionals to value their craft, capturing the attention of their customers, due to the extraordinary balance between technology and design.

Carry it wherever you want.
Jobs revolution was born thanks to the collaboration between the expertise of Orion’s designers and the professionalism of Iginio Massari, Master of Italian Pastry Masters.
A showcase that enhances creativity with its state-of-the-art technology.
A showcase that illuminates the scene with the elegance of its details.
A showcase that offers an artistic impact with the aesthetics of its exposition.

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