Even more compact, even more versatile: this is Mini Jobs.

MiniJobs is the new border of the professional products displaying. The complete technology you need is concentrated in a narrower space. The premise simbolyzes the story you want to tell.

Create the atmosphere you wish for your premise, without limits and obstacles.
MiniJobs is a “social” cabinet , a light and discreet cabinet in terms of space, perfect for the clients’ experience. Place it wherever you want, on any surface. Display the products you wish, choose the displaying dimension you think is best for you..

Jobs is the first cabinet ever to be used according to the occupied operating space, unlike we have been accustomed to seeing for decades.

Thanks to MiniJobs, your premise can change according to the moment of the day, from breakfast to dinner.
The cabinet is not an obstacle. The only limit is creativity.
You can choose your composition:
– Freestanding single cabinet (SEP), at the distance you wish, as if gesturing to offering your guests the tray.
– Mutiplexed composition (CAN), where more cabinets can be multiplexed as to form an endless unicque structure.
– Matched cabinets (ACS), where the cabinets are matched on the basement while being separated through the glasses to emphasize the various displayed products.

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