A brand-new design
for new masterpieces

This brand new stainless steel structure is functional, solid, sustainable.

This wide range of equipment pieces can meet any needs in terms of containing and preserving products in a flexible and efficient way in any premise.

A new project for open stainless steel modules is designed to contain, organize and arrange any object needed by the professionals while working.

3 heights, 4 widths, 6 linear modules and 20 corner modules. A range of open modules to design any furnishings solutions.

Open modules, doors, chest of drawers, beer counter doors, neutral and service drawers. Each object will find its place.

The handle is integrated in the structure for more functional openings, both for doors and sliding doors.

The internal and lower display shelves can be fully pulled out. Functional couplers are places on the display shelves to ensure the cables are sale installed.

A series of optionals is foreseen for a specific
usage in order to insert the modules in any design.

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