Tidy, clean, easy to use, accessible.
In one word: efficient.

Prodotti al servizio di grandi progetti.

A series of refrigerated cells and modules to be adapted to any premise or project. The length of a single module or cell is 50 cm, which explains the acronym “P50” or “length 50”.

The new handles installed on the P50 cells are perfectly integrated in the doors’ structures and makes the design more defined.

The stainless steel standard doors open up to 180° and can be replaced by glass doors by adding the lighting inside the module to ensure the ideal visibility of the preserved products.

The minimal and contemporary aesthetics is the outstanding element for the P50 products. Linear and clear lines make the environment harmonious. This is the result of a functional design and a higher usage opportunities together with a faster maintenance.

The P50 refrigerated cells and modules are
available as both positive temperature and refrigerated modules, the latter being ideal for preserving ice cream. The range also includes counters to be used for specific usages in order to best design and project the premises.

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