Flavours of the past
in the best contemporary technologies


The tastes of the past within the best technologies of the present.

The gestures of the past: the operator opens up the lid, puts his/her hand in and pulls out the creamy product which is the result of the hard work and infinite passion towards high quality.

The Orion ice cream tank counter is inspired by the most rigorous tradition of ice cream storing with the added values of technology and modernity.

A wide range of technologies and shapes for the most traditional way of preserving ice cream.

Storage Technologies:
Subzero to Glycol (-18°/-20°)
Subzero to Glycol with Reserve (-18°/-20°)
Airy Subzero (-18°/-20°)
Airy Subzero with Reserve (-18°/-20°)

960 mm
1100 mm

Covers for carapine in stainless steel

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