At the close of the week of the Salone and Fuorisalone that have catalysed the attention of the public and the media, it may be time to try to understand what the trend of 2017 was, in terms of bar furnishings and design. Clabo took part in two events, which we will discuss in detail in the piece: the one in Pescaria in Via Bonnet, and the one at ThE BaR in Lambrate.

There is a desire for poetry: some of the installations at the Fuorisalone and the exhibitions at the 2017 Design Week indeed offer multi-sensory visions where one can find magic, emotion, enchantment and amazement. Small islands of magic where for a few minutes you immerse yourself in a special experience with a rarefied atmosphere, where sounds and images create suggestive effects. Get used to thinking of the word “design” alongside many others – web, game, interaction, etc. – we are not overly surprised if it is the oldest object that man has ever produced that is reworked, designed, conceived and designed: food.

Design and gastromania

Foodies, or food enthusiasts, are an ever-growing number. They watch the many television formats – from competitions such as Masterchef to programs such as The Sweetman with Iginio Massari, former testimonial of our brand Orion -, they read cookbooks, buy food and wine guides, hunt for columns in the newspapers and, above all, post , they post, they post. It is through social networks, blogs and members that the gastromania of which Gianfranco Marrone speaks, which deeply marks the contemporary, grows and multiplies immeasurably.

In all of this, design has a lot to offer. The possibility of innovating by creating short circuits between the universe of objects and that of gastronomy; attention to technology, which translates not only into its use but also into its creation and development; and finally the conciliation between beauty, aesthetics and marketing.

This is what happened during the week of the Fuori Salone, where Clabo was present with the Orion, Artic and FB brands in two events.

Food design in Pescaria

We talked about food design with Valentina Ieva of Archilovers, in one of the trendiest places in Milan, Pescaria fish bar. A place that combines street cooking, local ingredients and informality that invites you to eat quickly in a comfortable space. A fish-based aperitif, cocktails and networking with architects to exchange impressions of the Salone and much more!

ThE BaR by Simone Micheli

Ventura Centrale and Ventura Lambrate also hosted some interesting street food proposals. From the historic Magazzini Raccordati, where the Sea Food Mobile was installed, a special floating kitchen “on the water” equipped to serve lunches and dinners and seafood sandwiches, “moored” at the end of a tunnel, to Ventura Garden in Lambrate which featured the Street Food Experience, a gourmet event where it was possible to find good food, delicious cocktails, excellent music and innovative ideas.

But above all the ThE BaR by the architect Simone Micheli, an ethical and intelligent project conceived with the desire to generate an extensive communication flywheel and with the intention of transforming the Caffè del Borgo into the nerve center of the dense network of relationships.

Local where we are present with our showcases Cosmo. Configuring itself as the main meeting point of the area, ThE BaR has become the soul of a neighborhood which, in continuous growth and development, above all, but not only, during the week of the Salone del Mobile, is every year a fascinating theater and a favorite destination of entrepreneurs and professionals from all over the world.

The first event of ThE BaR took place during the Fuorisalone, at the Simone Micheli Studio Gallery – via Ventura 6 – through an engaging and scenographic exhibition that immersed the visitor, using augmented reality, within the project that has now taken shape concrete, real.

Orion and ThE BaR

The enveloping geometries of the furnishings that shape ThE BaR give rise to extremely distinctive atmospheres, to be explored, which welcome the guest, giving them moments of intensity and surprising reality. Faces, frozen in the instant of the shot, make the tables animated and, turning into icons, tell the personalization of the passage of time and the possibility of prolonging the essence and intensity of well-being. Yellow alternates with black and, keeping the rhythm constant, the different seats follow one another, inviting the guest to take a seat. An anti-canonical system of wainscoting dresses the white walls treated with material relief, making the space dynamic, preventing its static extension and creating games of illusion and correspondences of which man suddenly finds himself at the centre. I like these replica watches which are really rare. To enhance the spaces, the modules, the strokes of color, our products. Present at ThE BaR, present at the Fuori Salone, and inspired by the vision of making people experience moments dedicated to well-being and taste.

The BaR is an open space, aimed at sociality and relationships – declared the architect Micheli – an “other” environment, able to generate a fascinating and enveloping atmosphere that attracts the guest, making him feel at the center of a place made to his measure“.

At this point, don’t miss the opening event which will take place on 20 April 2017 at 6 pm, and at which we will obviously also be present.

The Fuori Salone was once again an exaltation of “tailor-made” design, as a reading and interpretation of the ever-renewed and real needs and requirements of people. Human design innovation, even before food design. Because our mission is to guarantee the highest quality of the products that the display cases contain, a quality that depends on multiple factors combined in a very delicate balance. All with the utmost discretion. At the center is man, at the center are the guest and the space. A space to be honored with what is most dear to the world: beauty.