The Orion style stands out for being constantly at the forefront of the aesthetics and technology of its display cases. Following contemporary trends, the Orion style is able to give a touch of minimalist and innovative design, as in the case of many of the capital’s most fashionable public venues.

In recent years Rome has become the capital of artisan ice cream, seeing an exponential boom in the number of ice cream shops opened in recent years. Not only a fleeting fashion, but a real passion that involves all lovers of quality. The goodness of homemade ice cream often goes hand in hand with a taste for high quality design, as in the case of two Roman ice cream shops, Nakaroma and GelArt, both created by ADG furnishings.

Like the great style icons, which over the years have evolved to anticipate trends and provide the first answer to the needs of the moment, while maintaining the characteristics that have always distinguished them, so the Orion style has evolved to reach its maximum expression with the innovative showcase Jobs.

Jobs is revolutionary in its kind, being the first showcase in the professional refrigeration sector without a base, according to an innovative concept of functionality, which allows maximum freedom of expression in the design and furnishing of a public space.

The Orion showcases have been chosen by the historic Roman bar Pompi, also known as the kingdom of tiramisu since 1960, to display its Italian confectionery jewels in numerous stores in Rome, but also in new franchise stores abroad.

The Orion style, however, did not stop on the threshold of the Grande Raccordo Anulare (ring road) and reached the famous Roman castles, to be precise Frascati, where the unique design and versatility of the Jobs showcase found expression in the beautiful furniture created by Moca for Milletti Pasticceria Gelateria Caffetteria.