From 20 to 24 January, Sigep, the international exhibition dedicated to ice cream, pastry, artisan bread making and coffee, will be held at Rimini Fiera. Also this year Orion is a sponsor of the event with various appointments all dedicated to food in Italy. Let’s find out more about the initiative.

Food in Italy is famous all over the world for its genuineness, simplicity and goodness of the raw materials as well as the quality of the preparations of our master pastry chefs and ice cream makers. The 39th International Exhibition dedicated to beauty and quality revolves around this theme.

What is Sigep?

Sigep is the fair for insiders on the sweet side of gastronomy. The protagonists are the ice cream shop, the pastry shop, the artisan bakery and the coffee. An annual appointment where you can discover the best of technology, raw materials and innovation in the sector. Going to Sigep is like taking a journey inside the top of Italian professionalism and where you can discover international excellence.

Four supply chains: raw materials, ingredients, systems and equipment, services and furnishings. You can find the best for your business and meet the world that counts in this crossroads entirely dedicated to the centre: let yourself be inspired, infected and learn from the best.

Sigep is not just shows, however. It also becomes a place to meet an entire network of professionals and companies in the sector: there are over 40 participating countries.

Orion and Sigep: a synergy that is renewed

Over 100 thousand square meters of exhibition, 160 thousand visitors and 16 exhibition pavilions where Orion also actively participates. Pavilion C6 is dedicated to the style of the brand and its flagship products.

For the occasion, there are several workshops and events organized in pavilion C6 by Orion with the intervention of its historic partnerships with master pastry chefs and ice cream makers such as Iginio Massari and Paolo Brunelli.

Sigep: all the events organized in Pavilion C6 by Orion

Maestro pastry chef Massari will present the casting for the new season of the Sky show “The Sweetman” in pavilion C6. You can find all the information here:

The collaboration between Maestro Massari and the philosophy of Orion products has lasted for some time, with the choice of using the refrigeration technology known for design and efficiency also for its premises.

Iginio Massari and chef Alessandro Borghese will also be the protagonists of a culinary discussion in pavilion C6, guests of Orion.

Once again this year, Orion is confirmed as the main sponsor of the Gambero Rosso Guide to Italian Gelato Shops. A desire for excellence that continues to be renewed towards the Italian ice cream shop. The guide will be presented in pavilion C6 together with the award ceremony for the three Gambero Rosso cones. On this occasion, a cooking show dedicated to pastry and ice cream will be held in the Orion spaces.

Many top level professionals that Orion makes use of, which has organized various workshops with Sal De Riso, Paolo Brunelli and other masters.

With Pasticceria d’Autore, Salvatore De Riso presents the Sweet paradise of Amalfi. The master pastry chef addresses the theme of confectionery preparation by presenting his personal idea of paradise made of sweetness. An appointment to learn about the roots of craftsmanship and the great work required by a dessert like the one presented (and similar preparations).

Massimo D’Addezio and Dario Rossi, on the other hand, will bring ice cream and aperitifs together in low light. Gelato and signature cocktails: two very different worlds of the food and wine panorama that reinvent themselves in a sweet key. Mixology is reinterpreted in a softer vision, between pairings and preparations, especially from the point of view of the visual aspect that brings the two worlds together.

Together with Candida Pelizzoli, we will then discuss taste and research: a very hot topic lately in the sector of sweet preparations. In fact, according to the doctor, health is not deprivation.

The master ice cream maker Paolo Brunelli instead reinterprets the great classics of traditional ice cream in a gastronomic key. In short, a true signature ice cream.

And you, have you already booked your ticket for your journey up to Sigep 2018?

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