The atmosphere envelops you, the light pampers you, desires are exalted, the taste conquers you. You are in an ice cream parlor and yet this journey is something more: you are living an exciting and memorable experience. And this will make a difference.

Selling taste is perhaps less simple than we are often led to think. If it is true that attracting people’s attention is easier when it comes to food, it is equally true that convincing them to trust and entrust themselves is a complex art, especially when dealing with delicate products such as food. What can you do to persuade people that your offer is good? You have to tell them who you are, you have to show the sweetness of your products, you have to promote your distinctiveness. Every aspect of the gelato shop must communicate your message in a strong and coherent way. In this strategy of telling about yourself and enhancing your quality, a fundamental role belongs to the furniture. Several studies have shown that this is an aspect capable of positively or negatively influencing people, their predisposition to purchase and their mood. First rule, therefore, furnish your ice cream parlor in the right way. Not sure how to do it, where to start, what to consider? Below I suggest the fundamental aspects you need to consider when choosing the furniture for your ice cream shop.

How to furnish an ice cream shop: 9 tips for furnishing that sells taste

Choosing the right furniture for your ice cream shop is essential to offer your customers a tasteful experience, in every sense and capable of involving all the senses. What is the right furniture? It depends on you, who you are, what you offer, but there are some elements that you absolutely must take into consideration. These:


#1. Organize the space

The organization of the space in your ice cream parlor is essential for several reasons. If designed in an optimal way, space is a decisive element to put your customers at ease, to guarantee them safety and also room for maneuver, to optimize your activities , to decide what kind of emotional narration to offer to your customers. The space, therefore, determines your furnishing choices.


#2. Evaluate the size and layout of your ice cream shop

The furniture of your ice cream parlor must also be designed according to the size of the room and its layout. These aspects are fundamental for your business both from an organizational point of view, in carrying out concrete daily activities, and from an experiential point of view and the narration you offer to your customers. The space, as well as its arrangement, can guarantee you precious opportunities but it can also force you to deal with limits and restrictions.


#3. Organize a route

Your ice cream parlor must offer customers an exciting and memorable adventure, a story to experience and to tell, it must tickle the taste with the sight, stimulate desires with perfumes, whet the cravings with colours. It’s a fascinating and sensual game that you have to bring to life. Furnishings can provide you with important support in this, helping you organize the space and weave a rational and emotional narrative path that attracts your customers, involves them and, finally, entices them to buy.

 #4. Furniture affects people’s disposition

When choosing the furniture for your ice cream shop, you must consider that this influences the psychology of the individual, his mood and the predisposition (or otherwise) to purchase. The furniture of an ice cream parlor must be able to mix different ingredients and satisfy heterogeneous needs: it must be comfortable and relaxing but at the same time lively and capable of inducing action, it must tell about your brand and must offer emotions, it must stimulate taste and it must also establish relationships between the product and the customer.

Speaking of furniture that facilitates relationships, I suggest you read this post.


#5. Classic style or modern style?

Do you prefer classic furniture or a modern one? Do you prefer a warm and welcoming style or one that focuses on design and refinement? There is no right and wrong answer to this question. The furnishing style of your ice cream parlor depends on various factors, to which it must adapt consistently:

  • Who are you, what is your brand identity, your personality;
  • What is the target customer you are addressing;
  • What’s your offer.

This set of factors determine your style, which must be able to tell and enhance them. For example, if your customers are young people between 20 and 30 years old, the modern style is more suitable to meet their tastes and capture their attention.


#6. The product determines the furniture

The product you offer plays a fundamental role in choosing the furniture for your ice cream shop. What kind of ice cream do you want to offer? Will you serve it in a cone, cup or will yours be a take-away ice cream shop? How many flavors will you have? And what kind of assortment do you intend to guarantee yourself? All these elements are also fundamental in choosing the furniture for your ice cream shop.

#7. The lighting completes the furnishings

One aspect that is often underestimated and which, however, plays an essential role in enhancing the product and in defining the atmosphere of your ice cream parlor is lighting. It is necessary to choose a type of clear lighting, with pastel tones that evoke the genuineness of the products and enhance the tastes on display. The rolex submariner replica watches are best for me. Depending on the individual rooms or areas in which your ice cream parlor is organised, you can opt for intense lights or soft lights, but in any case the lighting must convey a feeling of well-being and positivity.


#8. In which atmosphere do you want to pamper your customers?

The atmosphere in which you decide you want to pamper your greedy customers is essential in determining the type of furniture in your ice cream shop. What, exactly, is meant when we speak of atmosphere? Like the furniture in your establishment, it is an indispensable means of communication to stimulate the senses and arouse unique sensations in people. The atmosphere involves, excites, conquers and the furniture is a basic element in defining the atmosphere in which you want to welcome your customers and enhance your products.


#9. The showcase, the most precious furniture

Your ice cream is a work of art that you must tell, exhibit and enhance. In this emotional narration, the windows with which you choose to furnish your ice cream parlor play a leading role, they are the most precious and important element with which to welcome your customers, offer them an exciting journey, take you take care of your ice creams and give them the importance they deserve.


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