The concept of luxury changes, finally involving even those who use it. The proposals are evolving from which to choose the moment in which to give yourself the most: more space, more time, a different experience, a quality that takes care of the details. In short, the new luxury is something that takes shape, person, emotion.

Experiences in which the watchword is customization, more essential moments, simplicity that becomes magnificence. Luxury becomes completely yours: it adapts to your needs, desires and passions. In this way, consumption is also transformed, the moments in which to enjoy (luxury does not allow us to enjoy, it makes us enjoy) of experiences increase, opportunities expand almost to the point of becoming a piece to fit into everyday life. True luxury is having the ability (and desire) to relax and enjoy your moment, here and now, without delay.

A lasting, instantaneous luxury, yet rich in meanings and symbols: increased quality of the choices available, pleasure for the eyes and senses – touch a surface and appreciate its qualities to the touch it is no longer an option, it is not a plus, it is a consumer request – and functionality as a necessity.

The new luxury: time, quality and beauty for a new lifestyle

The “old” luxury was a privilege for the few. Today luxury is within reach, it is a necessary good, it is something to be proud of. Long gone are the days when you had to afford luxury. The signified and the signifier merge, the perception of the word and the word itself take on a single connotation. Pleasure for all. Pleasure within everyone’s reach. The ability to choose when, where and how you want to live. Luxury is an act of courage. Luxury is the new revolution.

Everyone, at least once in their life, has wanted to feel unique. There are many ways to feel this way: spending an afternoon at the spa, looking for social proof, allowing us to spend a little more on a dress we like. Today it is possible, at least in the field of design and furnishings, to indulge in the luxury of a product that is satisfying for those who use it, even before those who observe it. Welcome to the Orion world.

Orion: luxury becomes a showcase

We have taken up this philosophy to invent an innovative, different, unique model of use. Luxury is design that anticipates functionality. Essentiality that becomes a showcase: beauty for the eyes that anticipates taste for the palate.

If luxury is an act of courage, a revolution in no uncertain terms, then luxury is Orion. A choice of design, functionality and quality.

The “center” is no longer just the place, but it is a hic et nunc between the product and those who use it. The showcase meets, the showcase breaks down barriers and makes them invisibly part of the product itself, the showcase becomes a means of communication.

Orion becomes the physical manifesto of a new philosophy of luxury.

Come Blue, the first refrigerated vertical that lights up on 4 independent sides, changes color and intensity and matches the creativity of those who choose it. Unique, luxurious, yet functional. Blue is the luxury of making, the luxury that Orion has chosen for its products and that it will undertake to convey over the next few years.


Create the right atmosphere

When we talk about luxury, we immediately think of a decor full of details, opulent, sumptuous. Giving the right atmosphere to our place, on the other hand, means focusing on few elements that really give value to the investment made. Luxury is essentiality which aims to create an atmosphere full of energy and intense and unforgettable references. Everything starts from sight, smell, touch. Luxury is stimulation of perceptions.

You need energetic, minimal and irreverent products such as the Orion refrigerated display case, the absolute protagonist of the environment which – in addition to storing and displaying the products – conquers the eye and the mind.

Choosing the right showcase that combines design, essentiality and functionality is the first action to take. Select the one that best suits your needs from those offered to you: each refrigerated display case is different from the next. Evaluate spaces, times and ways of serving your customer: he will tell you what is the most suitable choice for your establishment. Reappropriate (and have reappropriated) the space of your restaurant, an elite atmosphere, a moment that meets, ménage à trois < span style=”font-weight: 400;”>between excellence, taste and transparency of intent.


Synthesize the experience

Paolo Brunelli, in a recent interview, whispered the Umami concept with conviction: to give flavor to the customer’s taste experience with our personal touch. Synthesize the taste of your restaurant in a few clear elements: taste, moment, moment. Create the right encounter between the different currents and you will find the instant you were looking for.

Luxury can be inserted with simple gestures, such as creating an innovative use of the product, such as ice cream on a Brunelli plate, for example. Or again, inventing your own off-season, reinventing a classic. In short, daring to make the experience synthesizable in a single product, in a single (luxurious) perception. Whatever the concept of your space, the place must be a surprising merge of novelties, projects and trends that respond to the need for an experience full of stimuli.

A small concrete suggestion (and immediately applicable) could be to enclose all the new ideas and suggestions that your customers have in a jar or, again, create a corner where everyone – even in a minimal and somewhat plastered environment – can participate in the moodboard of the restaurant, with its own review, even a “physical” suggestion (such as a photo, an object, a message). Users want to feel treated with kid gloves to perceive the exclusivity of luxury, but they also want to be able to have their say.

Let’s take back our luxury, because it’s time

Provided, of course, that we learn to look at what we are offered with the right eyes. Learn to distinguish luxury from the rest of the artfully constructed presentations to grind “nothing”. In short, it is not just a question of investment in economic capital but also, and above all, a question of choices, lines and combinations. To do what? Remain imprinted in the soul, become that perception, reach everyone. A complex and complicated challenge for a single product or a single venue.

Luxury becomes more than an exchange of services for a fee. Luxury is indulgence of the soul.

If we want to learn how to regain possession of luxury, we need to listen to the beliefs, needs and requirements of our consumers. Physical, mental or spiritual: it must always be worthwhile to grasp the soul of our place, our work, our products and convey it in a recognizable way. We need to create our own luxury in a box, made of allure and elegance combined with the desire to slowly savor the moment and appreciate the moment.

Let’s take back the luxury of doing. Because it’s time.

Manifesto del nuovo lusso

Francesca Cora Sollo

Digital Strategist in (lost) love with digital. I help small companies tell their stories online through soft communication. I believe in digital hugs that become real and that the world is a jungle but if you are strategically yourself and smile hard (maybe) you save yourself.

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